Bi Pride in Tel Aviv; Quick Account of History

Mile bi Mile

14456763_1392966194051668_908621670_o “I am not Schrodinger’s cat. I’m not gay when you see me with a woman and I’m not straight when I’m dating a man. I am BISEXUAL and I don’t need you in order to define myself” – Photo by Theresa Leheman

Bi Visibility Day is one of the busiest days of the year for bisexual activists all over the world. For bisexuals in Tel Aviv it was not only a busy day, it was a historical one.

On September 23, Tel Aviv had its first Bisexual Pride Parade, making it one of only two cities worldwide to do so.

Organized by the Bi/Pan/Poly Forum, a group founded by around 18 activists and which recently agreed to join the Israeli National LGBT Task Force, the event began as a parade on some main roads in Tel Aviv and ended in Gan-Mei’r were bisexuals and their allies gathered for speeches by…

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Two candles



Eyes are closed.

 The flames of two candles are the only light.

The light of the future.

A prophet.


A curse or might .

Candles are now eyes.


Green, red and white.


The prophet’s speaking:

,,There’s and there shell be green, red and white.”

,, Blue’ll rule sometimes. Fully never!”

,,Green’s there and cause of the green the soil’ll be covered red.”

,,White’s who we are. Inside.”

,,   Red will cover white. ”

,,Only green. That’s our food, that’s our dream. Freedom and love as well.”

,,Green’s here to stay.”

,, We must obey!”

,, The ruling of the green won’t come soon to an end.”

Candles are now extinguished.

The eyes of the prophet are opened again.

Now the prophet is just man.

The prophet burned out in flames.


Photo credits: Glow/