The case of Cécile Kyenge

,,Black women were the mules of the world ” Their Eyes Were Watching God,’ novel, Zora Neale Hurston

Italy’s first  government minister of color, woman who dared to be born as women of color and to become a minister of integration(now former one) and Socialist  MEP.  Cécile Kyenge , bananas  thrown, linked to prostitutes , call for her rape, called an orangutan by political opponents.  Is it because she is black? No. Because she has successful political career. Cécile Kyenge  maybe would not have to suffer all those of offences if she just married Italian  working class man (for whom Italian women were too modern to get married and prepare dinner) and gave birth to two or three kids.  On minimal wage job and married to an Italian man, that is the biggest she should or could achieve according to the immigrants stereotypes. But guess what? She dared to become A BLACK WOMAN OF POWER. In Europe, In  Italy, In 2015.  “One Northern League official said “she seems like a great housekeeper” but “not a government minister.”

After moving to Italy in 1983, she became a qualified ophthalmologist in Modena- Emilia Romagna . She has founded an intercultural Association (DAWA) to promote mutual awareness, integration and cooperation between Italy and Africa, particularly in her country of birth, the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is also the spokesperson of the association “March First”, which works to promote the rights of migrants in Italy.  As the Economist writes : ,,She entered Italy legally in 1983 to study medicine (though she lived illegally in the country for about a year after a university scholarship she had been led to expect failed to materialise).” While I was reading this segment I tried to enter in mind of an average jobless white male Italian.  The thing that came on my mind instantly was: an insult made in a Facebook posting from Cristiano Za Garibaldi, the deputy mayor of Diano Marina, a small town on the Italian Riviera. He implied that Kyenge,  frequented an area used by prostitutes . Maybe the an average jobless white male Italian would related a period when Kyenge lived illegally in Italy with this insult. In mind of an average jobless Italian,  it is all fault of the immigrants. For him black woman who became a minister and European MP had to become ,,a whore  first. ” The World Values Survey found 11.1% of Italians saying they did not want neighbors of a different race.

In 2004 she was elected in a district of the town of Modena for the Democrats of the Left and later became the provincial head of the Forum of International Cooperation and Immigration.

On 7 June 2009 she was elected provincial councilor in Modena for the Democratic Party (PD) and joined the committee Welfare and social policies. She is also responsible for immigration policies in Emilia-Romagna for the Democratic Party.

On 25 February 2013 she was elected member of the Chamber of Deputies for the PD in Emilia-Romagna.
Immediately after her election to the Italian Parliament, with the support of other signatories (Pier Luigi Bersani, Khalid Chaouki and Roberto Speranza), she began to promote a plan for a law granting citizenship to children of immigrants born on Italian soil (a so-called Ius soli law).

In July, 2013 a leading member of the Northern League, Roberto Calderoli, a former cabinet minister and current deputy Speaker of the Senate, said Ms Kyenge reminded him of an “orangutan. Nothing as an old good racist comparing. Racism is dead in Europe, isn’t?

On Wednesday 16 September,2015,  the Italian Senate, in a surprising move, decided to allow proceedings against Senator Calderoli on the basis of defamation against MEP and former Minister Cécile Kyenge, but refused to allow prosecution on the basis of racial hatred.  Let’s not exaggerate monkeys can’t be as good as slaves or whores as black people can. Using this logic calling A BLACK PERSON A MONKEY IS NOT RACIAL HATRED.

As the millions of refugees are heading to Western Europe looking for salvation and one by one of the European Countries officials  are pronouncing numbers of people they can ,,let in”  there is a less and less hope for people such as Cécile Kyenge to make their European dream to come true. Or wait,  maybe I’m wrong! Maybe, this so called migrant crisis will emerge  stronger figures then Cécile Kyenge. Dreams are sometimes just dreams.


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