Bi visibility day 2015, searching for the Bi community.

When I was 10 I thought everyone likes boys and girls but should be silent about it. When I was 17  I  came out as a person of bisexual orientation because I got familiar with the term while surfing online. I recognized myself in it. Five years later, online I was searching for the people that can publicly say: I’m bisexual. I found them. Ok, somehow I have to admit  how most of them online were searching for sexual partners but that fact doesn’t make the fact of their self labeling less worth. Some of them were married, some of them were single some of them were in the open relationships but all of them felt comfortable to say, at least online how  they are bi. No, I won’t repeat the same boring phrase: ,,Serbia is a traditional society and they were afraid , so they represent themselves  as bi because of autohomophobia.” Maybe some of them had motives to hide their true sexual identity. I felt honored they hid under bisexuality.  Now, let me speak about the people who feel comfortable with their own bisexuality.

On September 23 , 2013  I organized during Belgrade Pride, the first Bi visibility day. When I created the event on Facebook around 150 confirmed their presence.  I did not expect any of them to appear.  In the end 10 people appeared.  For me it was success NO matter what their motives were.  After Bi visibility day, 2013 few people wrote me. Their question was : ,, Can we have our space and hang out together?” ,,We,  Bi people.” They didn’t care for the activism.  Activism for them was boring and equal politics. They just wanted to say they are Bi in some safe space and feel relaxed. I think that’s activism too. In 2014 we gathered again. The talk was longer . There  were some organization that wanted to host Bi meetings again. People coming and talking are the community. Bi people. For them that is not the activism. For them is just the possibility to talk freely about their sexuality. It is more then sending sex dates posts on Facebook groups.  It should be the community.  The community without question : Are you really Bi? Or just hiding. Or Just lying. No eyes rolling.  No silence in between.

No matter  how much our places are not advanced in human LGBT rights,  we as bisexual persons are still there. Bi and married . Bi and single. Bi and polyamours  or whatever. The way we build our relationships with  people it has nothing to do with our sexuality. I know there is no universal bisexuality but many bisexualities but still no matter our gender we call ourselves Bi or Pan or fluid. We are attracted to more then one category of sex or gender. Again it’s equally valuable.  Let’s just not allow to our bi identities to stay trapped in our minds and secret practices. We worth. We worth equally. No matter the places we live in. Let’s not stay trapped in activist circles. In policies and marriage equality. Let’s just love who we are. Let’s  JUST search for the community. BI COMMUNITY EVERYWHERE!

Happy Bi visibility day.

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