My body, my rules and World Abortion Day

According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. And they die quietly in some of the poorest villages on earth.  Pro life does not usually mean a chance for a fetus to be born and live but to die slowly and  painfully.

Unwanted pregnancy should be observed as medical condition that should be treated by abortion. The prevention of such medical condition should be contraception. The availability of reliable contraception for all, regardless of age or ability to pay, is an essential first step.  In those lines I simply cannot  find the connection between someone’s religious freedom and someone’s freedom of option.  Why your freedom of option should be endangered by my medical condition?   In theory countries should be neutral and secular. This is the only possible model that respects freedom of thought and freedom of religion.  Yes, you have heard well, secular model defends the freedom of religion. For medical condition called unwanted pregnancy the model of secular state means safe and successful   treatment . Religious persons should not be offended by this fact because in secular state their freedom of religion is guaranteed too. They are not obligated to treat unwanted pregnancy condition or any other medical conditions whose treatments are against their religions.(except in cases when public health is in danger, such as vaccinations of minors).

In religious states there is no an option for women and men ( some men can get pregnant too) for this medical condition to be treated. Consequences of untreated unwanted pregnancy are  maternal death, mental health problems and many other reproductive organs health problems.

Dr Roch Cantwell, a consultant perinatal psychiatrist and chairman  on The report, commissioned and published by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in 2011, included data on hundreds of thousands of women in 44 previous studies, said :
”Women who are carrying an unwanted pregnancy should be reassured that current evidence shows they are no more likely to experience mental health problems if they decide to have an abortion than if they decide to give birth.”

The debate on  the ethics and legal abortion that is again brought up in many countries thanks to the  conservative ,,new wave”. Again, bodies become a battle field of the ideologies.  Saving of the souls, the souls of fetuses and roles of women as mothers are words that frequently can be heard when the word abortion is mentioned.  Those words are fully legitimate in religious discuses but should be completely excluded from a medical one. Bodies are bodies but not battle fields. At least should not be. Body is body and one should have an option to decide how to treat it.  The treatment should be available and  safe. Even for those one who would refuse it. As in case of unwanted pregnancy.

Highly restrictive abortion laws are not associated with lower abortion rates. For example, as Guttmacher Institute explains, the abortion rate is 29 per 1,000 women of childbearing age in Africa, and 32 per 1,000 in Latin America — regions in which abortion is illegal under most circumstances in the majority of countries.

In the other words , If I can’t go at the doctor’s I will find the way to treat myself. In case of unwanted pregnancy self treatment is dangerous. According to the World Health’s organization data:  Nearly half of all  abortions worldwide are unsafe, and nearly all unsafe abortions (98 percent) occur in developing countries. In countries where abortion remains unsafe, it is a leading cause of maternal mortality.

The question of unwanted pregnancy treatment is not the question of religion, morals or any one’s views or opinion. That is question of health , well being and right. Right to not to let those more powerful of you to turn your own body into their own fields of ideologies.  To those who care so much for what is in best interest of child is fully recommended  to try to prevent those  22,000 children from dying everyday. Those children are already on this planet. They need real care for their bodies unlikely to unborn cells (pro-life activists call fetuses) . Fight for them is just imaginary!

If you had an abortion ,  or you need information on this medical condition, you can tell your story here and help to remove stigma



The case of Cécile Kyenge

,,Black women were the mules of the world ” Their Eyes Were Watching God,’ novel, Zora Neale Hurston

Italy’s first  government minister of color, woman who dared to be born as women of color and to become a minister of integration(now former one) and Socialist  MEP.  Cécile Kyenge , bananas  thrown, linked to prostitutes , call for her rape, called an orangutan by political opponents.  Is it because she is black? No. Because she has successful political career. Cécile Kyenge  maybe would not have to suffer all those of offences if she just married Italian  working class man (for whom Italian women were too modern to get married and prepare dinner) and gave birth to two or three kids.  On minimal wage job and married to an Italian man, that is the biggest she should or could achieve according to the immigrants stereotypes. But guess what? She dared to become A BLACK WOMAN OF POWER. In Europe, In  Italy, In 2015.  “One Northern League official said “she seems like a great housekeeper” but “not a government minister.”

After moving to Italy in 1983, she became a qualified ophthalmologist in Modena- Emilia Romagna . She has founded an intercultural Association (DAWA) to promote mutual awareness, integration and cooperation between Italy and Africa, particularly in her country of birth, the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is also the spokesperson of the association “March First”, which works to promote the rights of migrants in Italy.  As the Economist writes : ,,She entered Italy legally in 1983 to study medicine (though she lived illegally in the country for about a year after a university scholarship she had been led to expect failed to materialise).” While I was reading this segment I tried to enter in mind of an average jobless white male Italian.  The thing that came on my mind instantly was: an insult made in a Facebook posting from Cristiano Za Garibaldi, the deputy mayor of Diano Marina, a small town on the Italian Riviera. He implied that Kyenge,  frequented an area used by prostitutes . Maybe the an average jobless white male Italian would related a period when Kyenge lived illegally in Italy with this insult. In mind of an average jobless Italian,  it is all fault of the immigrants. For him black woman who became a minister and European MP had to become ,,a whore  first. ” The World Values Survey found 11.1% of Italians saying they did not want neighbors of a different race.

In 2004 she was elected in a district of the town of Modena for the Democrats of the Left and later became the provincial head of the Forum of International Cooperation and Immigration.

On 7 June 2009 she was elected provincial councilor in Modena for the Democratic Party (PD) and joined the committee Welfare and social policies. She is also responsible for immigration policies in Emilia-Romagna for the Democratic Party.

On 25 February 2013 she was elected member of the Chamber of Deputies for the PD in Emilia-Romagna.
Immediately after her election to the Italian Parliament, with the support of other signatories (Pier Luigi Bersani, Khalid Chaouki and Roberto Speranza), she began to promote a plan for a law granting citizenship to children of immigrants born on Italian soil (a so-called Ius soli law).

In July, 2013 a leading member of the Northern League, Roberto Calderoli, a former cabinet minister and current deputy Speaker of the Senate, said Ms Kyenge reminded him of an “orangutan. Nothing as an old good racist comparing. Racism is dead in Europe, isn’t?

On Wednesday 16 September,2015,  the Italian Senate, in a surprising move, decided to allow proceedings against Senator Calderoli on the basis of defamation against MEP and former Minister Cécile Kyenge, but refused to allow prosecution on the basis of racial hatred.  Let’s not exaggerate monkeys can’t be as good as slaves or whores as black people can. Using this logic calling A BLACK PERSON A MONKEY IS NOT RACIAL HATRED.

As the millions of refugees are heading to Western Europe looking for salvation and one by one of the European Countries officials  are pronouncing numbers of people they can ,,let in”  there is a less and less hope for people such as Cécile Kyenge to make their European dream to come true. Or wait,  maybe I’m wrong! Maybe, this so called migrant crisis will emerge  stronger figures then Cécile Kyenge. Dreams are sometimes just dreams.

Medjunarodni dan vidljivosti Bi osoba, tragajući za Bi zajednicom

Kada mi je bilo deset godina mislila sam da se svima sviđaju i dečaci i devojčice ali da se o tome mora ćutati.
Kada mi je bilo sedamnaest godina, izašla sam iz ormana kao osoba biseksualne orjentacije. Termin biseksualnost pronašla sam surfujući onlajn. U tome terminu prepoznala sam i sebe.

Pet godina kasnije ponovo sam onlajn, tragala za ljudima koji bi javno mogli reći da: ,,Biseksualna sam osoba.’’ Uspela sam da ih pronađem.
Činjenica je da je većina njih onlajn je tragala za seksualnim partnerima ali to nečini njihovo samoprepoznavanje manje vrednim. Neke od tih osoba bile su u braku, neke su bile ,,slobodne’’, neke su bile u ,,otvorenim vezama’’ ali zajedničko za sve njih bilo je da su se osećale komotno makar u onlajn prostoru reći kako su biseksualne orjentacije.
Ne, sada neću ponoviti istu dosadnu rečenicu kako je Srbija tradicionalna sredina i kako se mnogi ljudi eto, identifikuju kao Bi zbog autohomofobije.
Možda su neki od njih i jesu imali motiv da sakriju svoj istinski seksualni identitet.
Nekakako se u tom slučaju osećam ponosno zato što su izabrali baš biseksualni identitet.

Ovoga puta ipak ću pisati o ljudima koji se osećaju prijatno u vezi svoje biseksualnosti.
23. septembra 2015, organizovala sam Medjunarodni dan vidljivosti biseksualnih osoba.
Kada sam formirala događaj na društvenoj mreži Fejsbuk oko 150 osoba potvrdilo je svoje prisustvo. Nisam očekivala da će se iko od tih osoba pojaviti. Na samom dogđaju pojavilo se deset ljudi. Bez obzira na motive tih ljudi, ovaj dogadja sam smatrala uspelim. Posle održanog događaja nekolicina ljudi mi je pisala. Njihovo pitanje uglavnom je glasilo: ,, Možemo li imati prostor u kome bi smo mogli provoditi vreme?’’ ,,Mi, bi ljudi’’ Te ljude nije bilo briga za aktivizam. Za njih je aktivizam bila dosadna reč i jednaka politici i političarima. Tim ljudima je za početak bio potreban siguran prostor gde mogu reći da su Bi i osećati se opušteno. Bilo je organizacija koje su ponovo želele ugostiti Bi okupljanje. U 2014, grupa se ponovo okupila. Naš razgovor bio je nešto duži.
Ljudi koji dolaze i razgovaraju su zajednica. Bi ljudi. Za njih to nije aktivizam. Za njih je to šansa da pričaju slobodno o delu svoje ličnosti- Svojoj seksualnosti.
Ti razgovori su za njih predstavljaju više od slanja poziva za seks-sastanak u neku od Fejsbuk grupa. Za njih bi ova okupljanja trebala predstavljati zajednicu. Zajednicu bez pitanja: ,,Da li si ti stvarno Bi?’’ ,,Ili se samo kriješ?’’,, Ili samo lažeš?’’ Zajednicu bez kolutanja očima. Zajednicu bez tišine između.

Bezobzira koliko su mesta u kojima živimo napredovala u LGBT ljudskim pravima, mi kao osobe biseksualne orjentacije živimo u tim mestima. Bi i u braku. Bi i slobodni. Bi i u otvorenim vezama. Način na koji gradimo veze sa ljudima, nema mnogo veze sa našom seksualnošću. Znam da ne postoji univerzalna biseksualnost. Bez obzira na naš rod i pol sebe nazivamo Bi, panseksualni ili seksualno fluidni. Jednako smo vredni koliko i drugi ljudi. Nemojmo dozvoliti da naši identiteti ostanu zarobljeni u našim umovima ili tajnim prakticiranjima. Mi vredimo. Vredimo jednako. Bez obzira na mesta u kojim živimo. Nemojmo ostati zaglvaljeni ni u aktivističkim krugovima. U politikama i bračnoj jednakosti.
Hajdemo samo na trenutak da volimo ono što jesmo. Hajdemo tragati za zajednicom.


Radica Hura

Bi visibility day 2015, searching for the Bi community.

When I was 10 I thought everyone likes boys and girls but should be silent about it. When I was 17  I  came out as a person of bisexual orientation because I got familiar with the term while surfing online. I recognized myself in it. Five years later, online I was searching for the people that can publicly say: I’m bisexual. I found them. Ok, somehow I have to admit  how most of them online were searching for sexual partners but that fact doesn’t make the fact of their self labeling less worth. Some of them were married, some of them were single some of them were in the open relationships but all of them felt comfortable to say, at least online how  they are bi. No, I won’t repeat the same boring phrase: ,,Serbia is a traditional society and they were afraid , so they represent themselves  as bi because of autohomophobia.” Maybe some of them had motives to hide their true sexual identity. I felt honored they hid under bisexuality.  Now, let me speak about the people who feel comfortable with their own bisexuality.

On September 23 , 2013  I organized during Belgrade Pride, the first Bi visibility day. When I created the event on Facebook around 150 confirmed their presence.  I did not expect any of them to appear.  In the end 10 people appeared.  For me it was success NO matter what their motives were.  After Bi visibility day, 2013 few people wrote me. Their question was : ,, Can we have our space and hang out together?” ,,We,  Bi people.” They didn’t care for the activism.  Activism for them was boring and equal politics. They just wanted to say they are Bi in some safe space and feel relaxed. I think that’s activism too. In 2014 we gathered again. The talk was longer . There  were some organization that wanted to host Bi meetings again. People coming and talking are the community. Bi people. For them that is not the activism. For them is just the possibility to talk freely about their sexuality. It is more then sending sex dates posts on Facebook groups.  It should be the community.  The community without question : Are you really Bi? Or just hiding. Or Just lying. No eyes rolling.  No silence in between.

No matter  how much our places are not advanced in human LGBT rights,  we as bisexual persons are still there. Bi and married . Bi and single. Bi and polyamours  or whatever. The way we build our relationships with  people it has nothing to do with our sexuality. I know there is no universal bisexuality but many bisexualities but still no matter our gender we call ourselves Bi or Pan or fluid. We are attracted to more then one category of sex or gender. Again it’s equally valuable.  Let’s just not allow to our bi identities to stay trapped in our minds and secret practices. We worth. We worth equally. No matter the places we live in. Let’s not stay trapped in activist circles. In policies and marriage equality. Let’s just love who we are. Let’s  JUST search for the community. BI COMMUNITY EVERYWHERE!

Happy Bi visibility day.

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